1-2-1 Consultations and Nutritional Coaching


One-off consultations or ongoing weekly/fortnightly support can be provided in person or via Skype.

Initial consultations are one hour followed by 45min follow-ups. 

you will have daily app support and contact to help you plan the day and 


What to expect


Individualised plans explaining the quality and quantity of foods 

Understand the science behind food so you can make informed choices 

Healthy, realistic goals that will lead to long-lasting habits

Learn to self-monitor and halt weight gain 

Be confident in foods you eat without restricting 

Exercise built into your everyday life

In-depth body compositions  

Nutritional reports and recommendations 


Every client is coached individually and the plan is tailored to your diet and lifestyle. The programme is designed to ensure that you lose fat mass whilst sustaining muscle mass to ensure that you are able to change shape and improve health and wellbeing.


The most important part of weight management is the ability to sustain the results by ensuring that habits have been addressed and this change is long lasting.


Let me guide you to reset your lifestyle for good. After a few sessions, you will feel in control of your eating, have increased variety and enjoyment with foods, have increased energy levels, improved sleep and workout better. I believe that no one should feel like they are on any diet at any point in their life. The results will be linked to your lifestyle change and hence be long lasting. 

Specialist Areas

Weight Management (weight loss and weight gain)

Disordered eating behaviours  - binge, emotional, disordered, restrictive or guilty eating


Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes


Pre and post pregnancy healthcare 


Benefits of choosing Reshma to coach you 


  • The focus is not on food but around living the best life. 

  • Expert to answer questions and make you more knowledgeable through evidence-based coaching.

  • You are guided through step by step and accountability is reduced as you gain more control.

  • You forget to calorie count and use scales as you are able to trust your decisions better. 

  • You learn to manage your lifestyle whatever the season and occasion. 

  • the plan will work around your work, family, traditions, cultures and personal preferences 



Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultations