February 10, 2018

Over the years I have met so many ‘nutrition experts’ and it is surprising to who people trust when it come to nutrition advice.

So why is it important to know who is treating/looking after you. Lets think about it like this …

If you were diagnosed with diabetes would you want a diabetes consultant and his team or someone that’s done an online course or practised non-traditional medicine to treat you? Where would you feel safer? 

So who are nutrition professionals? Are they the same?


The only nutrition professional to be regulated by law. They must follow and ethical code, be registered professionals and work to the highest standard possible.

Qualifications: will have a minimum BSc, MSc  or post grad qualification in dietetics. Check for the HCPC number or RD behind the name. If you cannot see this, you can check the register online – www.hcpc

What do they do?

  1. They interpret the science to help individual to treat, manage and prevent disease stated such as diabetes,...

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